Counter UAV

We offer mobile & stationary counter UAV equipment to keep your airspace secure and take down any unauthorised UAVs

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UK Drone Security offers military grade drones. No matter what your requirements may be, we are confident we can build the machine that will fulfil all of your requirements. Product range includes Hybrid Drones with upto 6 hours flight time, 10,000 Feet High. Heavy payload UAV’s, Zoom & Infra Red Cameras, Tether Stations, Portable Sirens and counter UAV equipment.

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Event Security

Brief – Survey perimeter fences, entrances, stages and car parks flying constant circuits to relay incidents as they occur.

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UK Drone Security

UK Drone Security offers state of the art UAV and Counter UAV products & services including CAA and SIA and Military trained pilots.

Our hybrid drones can fly up to 6 hours whilst carrying a powerful zoom and thermal imaging camera with a range of 25kl with a max height of 10,000 feet. Ideal for perimeter security and border control. Our heaviest payload UAV can cary up to 1000Lbs.

Our state of the art UAV equipment enable a rapid response by ground based security teams and emergency services to deal with situations from intruder alerts to people in distress

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