EDM4S – Anti Drone Gun

EDM4S is designed to counter Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

Mitigation of control, video and navigation signals.

Solution is fully mobile.

All modules are integrated and ready to be used by activating trigger.

Equipment Set

Robust rifle imitation frame, High gain directional antennas, RF modules, Battery
Holo sight / scope

Counter UAV Systems

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Drone Detection System

Detection system NST-DD-M is designed to detect and identify Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

System uses two types of sensors: video sensor for real time surrounding analysis and RPAS identification based on database footprints; radio sensor for detection of RPAS video and control radio signals.

System is fully mobile.


Drone Neutralisation System

Radio frequency jammer NST-8DP-HP-M is designed to create high power interference for neutralizing control, video and navigation signals of Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems.

System is fully mobile.

Wingman 103

A wearable personal drone alarm

A wearable personal drone alarm,capable of detecting remote controlled commercially available drones (UAV, UAS, RPAS, etc.) at long ranges – and often before the drone takes off.

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