X Fold Series

xFold™ DragonH x12

Our xFold™ DragonH x12 can be configured to fly with 200 kilo (440 pounds) payload.

This setup can be configured with different motors / propellers for special heavy payload applications.

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Klaxon ES-PD

Klaxon ES-PD is an innovative Electronic Siren operating from a drone platform with an output of 103dB at 30 meters height

Operation of the drone can be automated using DJI software and the siren tones can be operated using 868MHz radio from a portable console or switch unit.

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Save Lives with Improved Situational Awareness

Incident commanders better direct rescue operations with an aerial view, so teams can quickly and safely mitigate emergency situations.

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Fly for 10+ hours plus with the Elistair Safe-T tether system (compatible with many popular drone brands). Tethered drones provide a wide range of options for aerial observation operations. This emerging technology provides new fields of applications for the commercial drone market including: aerial surveillance, border observation, emergency incident management, traffic monitoring, telecommunications, pollution measuring, industrial inspections and live broadcasting.

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